ASMR DEEP Brain & Head Massage in the Rain for Relieving Stress and Headaches (No Talking) 🌧️



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Hiya! Welcome back to my channel! ✨ Tonight I have a new fluffy brain massage session for you with soft and gentle sounds accompanied by rain to help you de-stress and ease your mind ~ You guys seemed to really like the combination of rain and fluffy sounds ever since this video – so I wanted to make an updated version and found some different ways to scratch your fluffy ears that I hope you might enjoy 🙂 Thank you for watching and I hope this improve your day a little 🙂 xX

Time Stamps

00:00 Preview of sounds
01:46 Gold rhinestone claw rings (thumbnail)
12:30 Crinkly windguard squishing
15:14 Bottle cleaners
24:06 Hands and nails
34:56 Spoolies
44:14 Latex gloves
51:56 Another segment with the claw rings because I liked the sound and sparkly visuals so much :3
01:05:32 Fluffy makeup brush and increased rain volume

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