ASMR 💗 Caring Friend Does Your Makeup



Hello loves 💗 hope you can take this moment to unwind while i’m doing your makeup (we decided to go with a soft pink look btw). Lots of face touching, whispering, makeup tapping, and more!

00:00:37 beginning + affirmations
00:02:19 makeup bag sounds
00:03:37 serum and balm
00:07:04 cloud paint
00:09:21 foundation
00:13:37 concealor
00:14:32 concealor brush
00:17:40 pastel eyeshadows
00:25:45 glitter primer
00:27:28 pink glitter
00:29:20 gems
00:31:37 bronzer
00:34:21 brow gel
00:36:14 pink highlight

Thank you for all your love and support! I’m sending you lots of gratitude & good vibes!

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My name is Jocie, and I’m just a human happy to be creating ASMR videos : )

I post what I enjoy, meaning lots of:

I hope we can use this channel to practice confidence, positivity, vulnerability, and love.

🌈 A special thanks to kind lovelies, Suus, Farhad Dalvi, Madison King, Robert Poor, & ⑊_$⋀M_$∃Pᴉ_⃣_⌊ – ⋈▲Z (truly–that’s their username lol) 🌈

My Story…

Welcome to the end of the description lol ♡

Like a lot of us, I happened upon ASMR videos by chance when searching for ‘sleep help’ on YouTube. I fell in love with the community because (alongside the tingles, ofc), it was a space for love, acceptance, and childlike creativity.

I find ASMR gives us a chance for pause, encouraging us to take time for self care and to prioritize our mental health. In the world we live in today, where our productivity is linked strongly to our sense of worth, I think that’s a pretty radical idea.

For someone who has struggled to love themselves and feel accepted (and continues to struggle on their worse days), ASMR is such a beautiful way to get out of ones negative self talk. I feel It speaks to the child within us, who doesn’t know what an amazing kid they are!

I recommend everyone take the time to explore the wonderful world of ASMR with an open heart & mind.