【Japan Cultural Expo in Kashima】Projection mapping on kashima Shrine traditional tower gate 2020.02



【Japan Cultural Expo in Kashima】Official Recorded Video 4K (Main part only) English ver.

Development unique to Kashima based on ancient mythology worthy of the name of Japan Cultural Expo.
Life and death, light and shadow, sun and moon
Emphasizes mystery like right dance and left dance of Kagura dance
Takemikaduchi, the deity of Kashima Jingu Shrine, and gods such as deer and catfish
Since ancient times, stories related to this land have been set on the traditional tower gate

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【Japan Cultural Expo in Kashima】projection mapping
▼Time:17:45-19:40 Once every 30 minutes, 4 times
▼ Target:Kashima Shrine traditional tower gate

Organizer: Machudukuri Kashima .ink

Provision of recorded videos:R.Takahashi

【video mappinng Production】
Kiyoko Ishii : Torico-sha
Festa Sinarisama
Yusuke Matsuno

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NCS: Music Without Limitations
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★Things about Kashima Shrine that you can enjoy if you know it★

■ Kashima Shrine Deity god【 Takemikaduchi 】
Takemikaduchi, Also known as the strongest martial arts god, it is also the god of thunder and sword.
The god that controls the catfish that causes the earthquake.

■Deer : messenger of god(Shinshi)【 Amenokagunokami 】
It was the spirit of the deer that brought Takemikaduchi to the country of Izumo
In addition, it is said that he also riding a white deer when he recommended Takemikazuchi to Kasuga Shrine.

■The trees on the left and right of the tower gate are on the right, the sun god Amaterasu .
on the left the moon god Tsukuyomi .

■One of the Three representative swords from ancient times Cultural heritage at Kashima Shrine that tells the name of the sword of Futsunomitama That Imitation sword of 1300 years ago.
Takemikaduchi is said to have helped Emperor Jinmu conquer the eastern section.

▼▽▼  Deployment story ▼▽▼

[1.Prologue] The birth of the god of god Takemikazuchi
Takemikaduchi was born from blood scattered when the god of fire Kagutsuchi was killed
Roaring thunder as Izanaki(god) loses Izanami(god) due to burns.
Takemikadduchi story begins violently and beautifully

[2.Beginning] A ritual chapter where the deer god brings the gods
Cedar big tree is a landmark where God comes down

[3.Chapter of development] Amaterasu(the sun god) and Tsukuyomi(the moon god): the starting place of all
Kashima Shrine is said to be the “land of all the beginnings”
It is a land where Takemikaduchi, who settled Japan in ancient times, took root.
It is also important for Japan to be in the eastern position where the sun and moon rise.
The sun and the moon rise and repeat, a mystery like a compass

[4.Chapter of development] The Power of God and Born with sound like”Futufutsu” and important bort.
Takemikaduchi descends at Amanotorifune(the messenger of god looks like boat), and builds a boat and dedication, etc. An important boat in Kashima Jingu Shrine
The motif of the Mifune(boat) Festival that meets on the water.
Expresses the power of god that produces not only plants but also large rocks and large trees.

[5.Chapter of turn] The power of the god of strongest martial arts god
It is said that Takemikachichi suppressed the catfish’s head and calmed down the catfish that lived in this area in ancient times and caused a rampage and caused an earthquake.
Image of a scene famous for comparing the powers that are said to be the origin of sumo wrestling: Takeminakata(Powerful god) grabbed Takemikaduchi’s arm, and that arm became an icicle and a sword blade. Feared Takeminata flees, but runs after it and runs after it, convincing the country.

[6.Chapter of Conclusion] Ancient God Sword Modern tower gate and Torii Gate
The god sword Futsunomitama and the tower gate that connect from ancient times to the present and the future
The thought that a deer runs up the tower gate and connects to the future where a new morning comes.