HeavyM – Retail use case – Projection mapping at ISE 2020 (English/French subtitles)



We were at ISE (https://www.iseurope.org/) in collaboration with Optoma UK. We presented the software to the visitors at Optoma’s booth (https://www.optoma.com/).

We used 1 computer with HeavyM to control 3 Optoma projectors. We have mapped 2 jersey shirts and 10 bottles.
The design for the shapes was easy to set up thanks to the “draw” tool of HeavyM. We have displayed custom vidéos on every surface.

It was an amazing experience. Professionals from the A/V industry were stunned by the simplicity of HeavyM. They saw the strength of the software: it allows you to create mapping installations in a very short time with an impressive visual rendering.
We also met users from different countries. It’s always a pleasure to see and chat with the community in real life. Thanks a lot for your feedback.


HeavyM is the simplest projection mapping software to create impressive scenic designs, available for Pc and Mac! Create in seconds mindblowing visuals experience for your events.
And it’s FREE: http://www.heavym.net/en/trial/

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