(Eng Sub) Swiss Raclette Cheese Waterfall with Bburinkle Chicken Jamaica Chicken Eating show Mukbang



I’ve tried Raclette chesse waterfall with Jamaica chicken drumstick, Bburinkle fried chicken dumstick, Cheese ball and Mian Bao Xia!
I also made Chi-bap (Chicken with steamed rice) too!
It was nice combo, but Bburinkle chicken and Jamaica chicken both have their own distinct and strong flavor, so the cheese flavor was kinda vague.

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Thanks for watching the video 😀

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English Subtitle : @seungcho89 (instagram)

Warm Swiss Raclette Cheese Waterfall with Pane Creamy Pasta Eating show! MUKBANG!

BBQ Jamaica Chicken Drumstick, Mian Bao Xia
BHC Bburinkle Drumstick Fried Chicken, Cheese ball