Naran to Babusar Top, Astore & Rama – Rama Lake – Road Journey



Journey from #Naran_to_Astore and Rama is full of mesmerizing beauty of nature and a gift for nature lovers. We pass through the valleys of Jalkhad, Bubusar, Indus river and Astore while travelling on this route. Weather changes dramatically throughout the way. Generally its pleasant in Naran, Chilling cold at #Babusar_top and scorching heat in Chillas then again pleasant in Astore and Rama. Best months to travel on this route are June and September. Trip to Hunza and Astore must be planned wisely and keep plenty of food items, petrol reserve and check spare tire condition before leaving from Islamabad.
Karakorum highway and Indus river are the beauty but beware and keep your minds opened up while driving on this road because it may lead to fatal incidents in case of losing focus.
A few kilometres before Jaglot, a right turn from KKH will lead to Astore city. 35 km from turning point and two hrs travel from Jaglot to Astore. Road to Astore is under construction and it was around 50% complete in September 2019.
#Rama_valley is 11 km away from Astore main city and there are steep slopes on the road. Normally takes half an hr to 45 minutes from Astore to Rama and Rama lake is further 30 minutes ahead of Rama meadows. Rama lake surrounded by snow clad mountains and Himalaya’s second highest peak Nanga Parbat, offer a unique serenity to its visitors. Cameras and words can’t just describe the actual beauty so we have to be there to see this marvelous nature’s work.
Cooking and BBQ is real fun and a pleasant activity while being in front of one of the best panorama made by Almighty Allah. PWD rest house is booked officially prior to arrival. There are other options of camping as well. Keep your camp with you or rent one out in Rama Meadows.