Feet Fucking Food S3 EP29 Stood outside in freezing cold waiting thirty minutes for this.

Sometimes I drive away, stay somewhere random overnight when it feels good. Laptop always at foot so I stay productive. New scenery is inspiration. I found a great deal for Heliotrope through Hotel Tonight. Highly impressed by their coffee and the fact that I had unlimited beans, plus choice of french press or slow drip for my room.

Last night I wandered to a food truck parked behind some bar/Christmas tree lot? Ended up waiting hella long but it was worth it. Everything was fresh, flavorful, spicy. What’s the point of renting a room if you don’t eat in bed?

I’ve been a fan of Ryan since watching Star on Netflix. Downloaded a lot of their songs and played them on foot livestreams over the last year. Many people would ask about them. Finding her single recently gave me wings. Fun fact, I ended up at dinner with Tobi a few weeks prior because of fellow Dave self-lover, Nelson Hawkins. The world grows small. More on Nelson soon.

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chorizo torta and chips with pico de gallo
A Que Tacos [food truck] 1315 W Connecticut St, Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

The Same
Ryan Destiny feat. Tobi Lou

Heliotrope Hotel
2419 Elm St., Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

Heliotrope serves Bellingham Coffee Roasters. The only dark roast I’ve ever loved.
Use referral code ENCHUNG1 on Hotel Tonight for $25 credit!