Part 4 (INA/ENG SUBS) R18 Seduced By Mr.Cheshire Cat! (Japanese CD) | Bella Frasty ASMR



This series is about: A young girl named Alice who get lost in Wonderland, and she met a naughty Cheshire cat, he seduced Alice and invited her to his house.

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The artist of the Mr. Cheshire Cat fanart is unknown. I found it on Google without specific detail about who is the artist. And I’ve tried to search for it but the result is none. So, if you know then please comment below so I can put it here.

Detail about the Drama CD:
Original title: alice no midara na sekai~ cheshire neko to no mikkai
Volume: 1
Track: 6
Character: The Cheshire Cat
Voice Actor (VA):Sagisawa Shu
Release Date:5 October
Type: Rated Drama CD
Label: –
Website (official): –
(This is home-made CD)

[Keep in mind that Eng translation is not mine! She didn’t want me to write credits, so I decided to note this so you’ll know that I got help for Translation. Check my bio for more info. Btw, feel free to donate for us so that the video will finish quickly, so that we can buy lots of Cds and often upload the latest series for you, and so we can work on it while snacking, hehe]

A little fact about me:
Yes, I am a girl from Indonesian. Birthday in 28 August and my zodiac is Virgo. I made Dance Cover content on my Instagram, also Art content on my 2nd Instagram. You can request any dance, fanart, or Drama CD as well. Thanks.

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