Who is that Guy on the Beach

#shinrin yoku #mindfulness #nature #relaxingmusic #meditation #filmmusic

Soft Ambient Music from a North Appalachian Village.
“Be Sure to enjoy it with Headphone”
This Immersive 3D Binaural album was recorded with 360° microphones and mixed in binaural audio.

for Meditation, Yoga or mindfulness practice, even if you need a shinrin yoku mood in your office and home. ASMR audio elements.

DIY video and music…
All soundscape are live, no layers or additional edition.

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/1eeC4nM1v3Dn3eQN37Sjn0?si=Zl0ug6TYR3mEihCilM_gjA
BANDCAMP for a Hi-Res 48khz / 24bits .Wav format : https://earthmanjack.bandcamp.com
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Earthman Jack use :
– Godin Electric Guitars
– Seagull Acoustic Guitars
– Korg’s Synth
– Novation’s Synth
– Applied Acoustics Systems’s instruments
– Sonic Couture’s Instruments
– Best Service’s Instruments
– Eventide’s Plugins
– Lexicon’s Plugins
– Plugin Alliance’s Plugins
– SoundToys’s Plugins
– Positive Grid’s Bias FX 2 Elite
– Neunaber’s Wet Reverb
– Exponential Audio’s Plugins
– Arturia’s Plugins
– GRM Tools’s Plugins
– D16 Group’s Plugins
– Valhalla’s Plugins
– Waves’s Plugins
– Izotope’s Software
– Ableton Live
– Motu audio Interface
– KMI K-Board
– Zoom’s Field Recorder

Images & Music by Earthman Jack
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