The best neck cream by Medi-peel premium -reaction & review




Hi!Today I share with you my thoughts and impression of one of my all time favorite products for the neck. All beauties know how important it is to treat not only your face skin but also the neck area. This cream really firms, whitens and softens. I don’t know how it whitens skin, because it does not contain any titanium dioxide or similar. So far, it’s one of the best skin care products I ever tried.

00:00 ► Introducing
01:05 ► packaging
01:51 ► consistency
02:19 ► benefits
03:05 ► other’s review I heard about it

03:25 ► ingredients

04:53 ► Yesstyle
05:17 ► cardigan on me
05:31 ► bor-tox serum by medi-peel
06:12 ► medi-peel brand qualities
07:49 ► about me
08:15 ►outro music red mars

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