[Lmeca] 유럽 진출 첫 첼린지 로드쇼

Lmeca 의료용 자동 석션 기기가 유럽으로 첫 첼린지 로드쇼를 하였습니다.
크로아티아, 스위스, 헝가리까지 참여한 로드쇼입니다.
Lmeca는 2천만불 MOU체결을 하였습니다.

Lmeca has focused on the development of unmanned automatic suction systems to prevent infection, minimize patient pain and reduce care costs. Starting in 2016, it has registered patents in the United States, Australia, Japan, Europe, China, and Canada, and established a corporation in China in 2018.

severe patients who are unable to discharge sputum require suction by a medical staff or caregiver every 1-2 hours. And this was causing a lot of problems. First, existing methods are vulnerable to infection control. This is due to the use of a disposable catheter, which can lead to infection during the replacement process, and also increases the risk of infection due to the need for human side suction. So far, infectious diseases such as MERS, SARS, and covid-19 all require suction at the time of treatment, and thus can cause many risks if infection control is not thoroughly performed. Second, it needs 24-hour care with an existing manual suction machine. Korea should do up to 24 times a day on average, and up to 72 times in the United States. Not only does this increase the intensity of work for nurses, but it can also be a problem for effective care. In addition, this will cost great care expenses to medical personnel, guardians, and caregivers in direct or indirect ways. Lastly, pain, bleeding and edema may occur in the patient’s bronchial mucosa due to vacuum pressure during manual suction