How Chinese Words Get Embedded Into Candy




This factory in China’s Anhui province makes good luck candy. Each cube has a Chinese character with meanings like fortune and happiness. The ingredients are simple: soybean, black sesame, and a touch of maltose. But making it is harder than it looks, and candy maker Jin Huimin tells us how he learned the ropes 50 years ago.

*Product details: 徽祥里祁門字豆糖, available online

This is the new episode of our series about established mom-and-pop eateries in China, candy edition. In the next episode, we visit a family in Guangdong who makes hand-pulled candies that look just like scallions.

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Producer: Yoyo Chow
Videographer: Wu Congwen
Animation: Stella Yoo
Editor: César del Giudice
Mastering: Victor Peña

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